Мастер-класс “Доверие в командах” на SECR 2018

Отличная новость: мастер-классс “Развиваем доверие в командах” будет представлен на конференции SECR 2018 в Москве, 13 октября 2018.

Tuckman’s Team Development Model and the team trust canvas

Today I’m going to share with you my observation about application of the team trust canvas. Furthermore, I would say, I’m going to present several hypothesizes which are based on my experience.

A Trust Toolbox for Virtual Teams. You are invited to play!

To date we’ve conducted In Team We Trust Workshops with co-located teams in over a dozen cities around the world. According to our social media analytics, the Team Trust Toolbox (the Canvas, Cards, etc) is becoming very popular indeed.