The Energy of Conflicts

How To Turn Conflict into an Energy Source. Online course.

The Curriculum

How to redirect the energy of conflicts into a constructive channel?

The energy of conflict is a way to develop a team by accepting different viewpoints, value sets, experiences, and knowledge of each participant. It is an understanding that conflicts are not necessarily bad. It is a process where parties constructively manage conflict, build mutual trust, and achieve better results, even when the stakes are high.

What the program provides:

  • Learning methods for initiating change through conflicts;
  • Developing skills in working with fear of conflicts and disputes;
  • Mastering constructive resolution of team conflicts;
  • Developing teamwork through conflict management.

The course topics are divided by weeks.

  • In the first week, we will study the definition and meaning of conflict in more detail.
  • In the second week, we will analyze conflict and group dynamics.
  • In the third week, we will discuss conflict resolution strategies in the workplace. The topic will be devoted to choosing the appropriate strategy for successful conflict resolution.
  • In the fourth week, we will study how to change our behavior in conflict and start building trusting relationships.

The training program is carefully designed and structured, and these four topics are sequenced to achieve maximum results.