ABC of Trust

Basic Principles of Developing Personal and Team Trust. Online course.

The Curriculum

Trust is one of the basic things in business and personal relationships at work and at home. It is a key factor in employee engagement, change management, effective leadership development, team building, and collaboration. Any company can suffer huge losses if trust is absent at any level.

Our new online course is about the secrets of trust in the business environment, at work, and in everyday life. We will explore key issues from building trust in ourselves, through trust in relationships – to trust in teams and organizations.

Who is the course for?

The course is designed for a wide audience: managers and employees of company departments and organizations who would like to improve their understanding of approaches to trust development and find new ways to increase efficiency at work, as well as anyone who wants to improve their knowledge in trust-building issues.

Program Overview

  • Module 1. Trust 101
  • Module 2. Trust Starts with You
  • Module 3. Building Trust in a Team
  • Module 4. A Trusted Leader
  • Module 5. Trust and Mistrust in an Organization

“I attended the Trust Workshop at Agile India 2015 and really enjoyed it!  Seshadri V. “