Карточки “Анти-паттерны Доверия”. Еще один инструмент в командную копилку

Готовясь к мастер-классу на конференции SECR  2018 хочу рассказать еще про один инструмент из нашего набора “Team Trust Toolbox”. Это карточки “Анти-паттерны Доверия” – карточки для обсуждения возможных или существующих проблем в команде. 

A Trust Toolbox for Virtual Teams. Module 1: “The Prelude Game”

To date we’ve conducted In Team We Trust Workshops with co-located teams in over a dozen cities around the world. According to our social media analytics, the Team Trust Toolbox is becoming very popular indeed.

The Team Trust Canvas is available in Polish and Russian

We are going to continue our translation project. Today I would like to announce that the first version of our Team Trust Canvas is available in Polish. (Many thanks to Kamil Sztandera). Furthermore, we have published a new Russian version of the canvas. Enjoy!