Bold Teams

Take your team to the next level. Online course based on practical tools.

The Curriculum

Bold Teams is a synthesis of useful approaches, procedures that have been used in practice by real teams. Our radical, counter-intuitive tools that sometimes verge on breaking the rules will allow you and your team to step out of your “comfort zone” and observe the existing processes in a completely new way.

What are the benefits of participating in this program?

  • Openness. Maintaining the openness/sociability and sincerity in your team 
  • Psychological safety. Creating a safe environment where one can be sincere and vulnerable
  • Utility in conflicts. Reducing the number of contentious/destructive conflicts
  • Radical feedback. Learning how to give and receive feedback in a proper manner

Being a Bold Team is not only about/can’t be reduced to taking the long view and setting ambitious goals. It is about being able to create and maintain an environment where each of the participants feels safe. The main goal of the “Bold Teams” course is to create new experiences that serve to develop key processes: trust building, best practicable conflict resolution and mutual development through feedback. Become a truly Brave Team!

Alexey Pikulev,
Author of the “Trust Mastery Institute” project

What the program provides: