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Each our workshop is aimed to people: those focused on providing space for people to grow and leading others through change. Join us today!


6 July, 7 days online (in Russian): 
Online school “Growing team and organisation trust” (in Russian)

6 July, 5 days online (in Russian): 
Trust yourself. Online marathon

21 July, Free Webinar: 
The Trust Assessment

1 August, 7 days online (in English): 
Build A Trust Culture. Online Workshop Journey

25 July, 7 days online (in English): 
Online class “Trust Toolbox for Scrum Teams” (in English)

Thank you again for the invitation to the Workshop. I very liked the first exercises to model our idea of trust and collect and cluster afterwards the feelings, states, ideas, … which we think are connected to trust in teams. The introduction game was a very good and different way to get to know each other. Also the order – first exercise then introduction – was nice. It focused the participants to the trust issue first.

I find the trust canvas very helpful as a template to identify action items to build trust.


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