Team trust anti-patterns: micromanagement

Team trust anti-patterns: micromanagement.

Micromanagement in a business context is a style of HR management where the managers monitor the employees excessively and too frequently, without allowing for any autonomy in their decision making. Anything that interferes with and causes damage to the operations could be called micromanaging.


  • Unwillingness to delegate authority
  • Desire to have the subordinates monitored on a daily basis
  • Lack of self-assessment
  • Implementation of excessive monitoring and reporting


  1. Delegation of authority. Delegate some tasks and decisions to your subordinates, so that they have more responsibility and feel their importance in the team.
  2. Creating clear and specific goals. Formulate specific goals for the team so that they understand what is expected of them and what results need to be achieved.
  3. Developing communication and feedback. Establish an open communication and feedback system so that team members feel free to exchange ideas and understand how they can improve their work.
  4. Supporting the development of skills and knowledge. Provide team members with opportunities to develop their skills and knowledge so that they can better perform their tasks and feel more confident.
  5. Using appropriate management methods. Use management methods that do not suppress the creative potential of the team but put participants at the center of the work process.
  6. Recognizing successes and evaluating work. Evaluate the work of the team as a whole and the successes of each team member separately to emphasize their contribution to the successful completion of tasks.
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