Unleashing Collaborative Potential: A Deep Dive into Team Trust Anti-Patterns

At our recent workshop, “Unleashing Collaborative Potential: Exploring Team Trust Anti-Patterns,” we had a fruitful session that engaged participants in discussions and interactive activities, all geared toward building stronger, more resilient teams.

How does a Scrum Master build trust with a team: Part II – Mistakes that  destroy trust

We continue to look at how a Scrum Master might build trust in a team. Today we’re going to talk about the mistakes that destroy trust.

How does a Scrum Master build trust with a team? Part I – Basic Rules

Every Scrum Master faces the initial stage of working with a new team. At this stage, the priority is to build trust with the team members. Today, I will share some insights on how to build trust with a new team, which I divided into three parts: rules, mistakes, and tools.