Run The Team Trust Canvas Session Online

Gradually we are updating the library of trust development instruments for distributed teams using Mural.

The first in line is Team Trust Canvas. For remote teams, we recommend using one of collaborative brainstorming tools to run Team Trust Canvas session with the whole team along with a Skype/Zoom call.

We have prepared templates in two variants in Mural:

I would like to remind you that the Team Trust Canvas is available in the following languages:

  1. IN FRENCH Team Trust Canvas translated by Fabrice Aimetti (@fabriceaimetti)
  2. IN ENGLISH Team Trust Canvas by Alexey Pikulev
  3. IN SPANISH Team Trust Canvas (Canvas: Confianza Equipo) translated by Albert Valiente López (@avalientelopez)
  4. IN CATALAN Team Trust Canvas (Canvas: Confiança Equip) translated by Albert Valiente López (@avalientelopez)
  5. IN BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE Team Trust Canvas  translated by Leandro Pilatti.
  6. IN GERMAN Team Trust Canvas  translated by Martin Brotzeller
  7. IN DUTCH Team Trust Canvas translated by  Ron Eringa and Stephan van Rooden.
  8. IN POLISH Team Trust Canvas  translated by Kamil Sztandera
  9. IN RUSSIAN Team Trust Canvas
  10. IN BULGARIAN Team Trust Canvas by Radosveta Giuleva
  11. IN ARMENIAN Team Trust Canvas by Lusine Khandanyan

If you need another language just let me know!

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