Trust Mastery Framework 

Developing trust in a team is a complex and continuous process. In the process, I was able to systematize and structure this process into a clear and logical framework – Trust Mastery Framework (c).

Using the Trust Mastery Framework teams can select appropriate tools and demonstrate the dynamics and continuity of the trust development process.

There are a total of 5 steps in this framework. Although in practice these steps are not always sequential, this division helps to focus on the right aspects of trust development.
Awareness. It all starts with a basic awareness and understanding of the value trust can bring to a team.

  • Definition. It’s no secret that there are many definitions of trust. So the next step is to define what team trust means to us and our team.
  • Dynamics. After defining trust, we need to find the factors that will help develop it. At this stage it is especially important to focus on the most problematic aspects.
  • Actions. Once the key factors have been identified, specific actions need to be developed. I know from my practical experience that moving from abstract models to concrete actions can be difficult. Therefore, our framework provides a separate step for creating a concrete action plan.
  • Recovery. Trust in a team can be jeopardized and challenged. An important step in our framework is to rebuild trust to keep it dynamic.
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