Radical Listening: Less Talk, More Trust

Yesterday we had an interesting meeting on the study of the Radical Listening as a new approach for productive conversation.

Radical listening is the act of allowing the other person to express themselves completely, without interruption and without any preconceived notions on one’s part — with the intent to fully absorb and process what they are saying.

We discussed the basic principles and rules for such dialogue. Main principles:

  • Replace judgement with curiosity
  • Ask Questions (“Can I go back to something you mentioned about…”, “Is there anything else that you think is important to share?”)
  • Be Fully Present
  • No ‘Buts’ About It

The next meeting will focus on two issues: “how radical listening will influence team trust?” and “how to create change with ‘Radical Listening’?”.

Want to join us? Please, join our meetup group.

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