Levels of team trust

Today I want to share an updated model of trust development in teams and organizations.

❗️Level one. “Distrust”.

Trust is primarily built on fear, suspicion, and error avoidance. A lot of energy is spent on protection from colleagues and management.

❗️Level two. “Basic trust”.

Trust based on vulnerability. Team members are not afraid to admit mistakes, might ask for help and suggest new ideas. They are ready to help each other. This is the level based on psychological safety.

❗️Level three. “Confident trust”.

The team overcomes the barrier of “real trust”. Trust is built on experience, knowledge, common goals and results.

❗️Level four. “High trust”.

At this level of interaction inside the team, a new level is reached. Radical honesty, transparency, open feedback, and empathy are the main features of this level.

❗️Level five. “Complete trust”.

Trust based on identity. At this level, joint values appear in the team.

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