Understanding the Prelude Suite. Part III: MBTI

I’m going to continue our Prelude series of articles. Today we will talk about a great combination of the Prelude Suite and MBTI.

Prelude Suite™ is a trust accelerator

Adding Prelude Suite™ to the beginning of a project adds a few hours to your timelines, but will act as a catalyst towards developing trust. This ultimately leads towards significant increases in team performance.

There are 3 modules available within the Prelude Suite™ (Module 1: Tune-Up; Module 2: Practice; Module 3: Perform). Collectively, these modules move your team from a “Me” to “We” mindset.

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The purpose of the MBTI is to identify personality preferences. Individuals learn about their own preferences and how to adapt their style and energy to work well with others with different preferences. Each preference is represented by a letter. These are paired in four sets of dichotomies.

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  1. Extroversion vs. Introversion: How do individuals charge and discharge their energy?
  2. Sensing vs. Intuition: What type of information do individuals focus on
  3. Thinking vs. Feeling: What do individuals base their decisions on?
  4.  Judging vs. Perceiving: How do individuals like to live their lives?


Special training is needed to translate what the letters mean in the context of any given individual’s work and personal life. The MBTI model requires committed practice to derive benefit.


There is a natural complementarity between the Prelude Suite and MBTI. What the iStar uniquely adds is the strength of imagination and creative thinking. It allows space for the aspirational. Seeing ourselves whole allows us to better imagine the full use of our potential to achieve our goals individually and as a team.

MBTIPrelude Suite™

o Objective view of self and others
o Offers interpersonal insights
o How to influence, collaborate, deal with conflict,
problem solve, negotiate, etc.
o Session is as good as the facilitator

o Subjective description of self and
perception into others
o Offers team-based project work
o Visioning, planning, execution, team
o Session much less facilitator

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