The One-Page Method for Developing Your Team Trust in Amsterdam

We are happy to announce that our next trust workout will take place in Amsterdam! All ticket types are on sale now!

In this workshop we are going to foster your team trust with the Team Trust Canvas. During this workshop, participants will get to understand the different components of the Canvas. They will also learn how to “measure” trust, and to create actions that gain trustworthiness.

Foremost we will put a focus on trust experiments forming your assumptions and discuss planning actions. This will allow participants to take the most out of the workshop. Participants should expect that by the end of the workshop, they would have a draft of their team trust model, thus creating a solid foundation for their stable team trust climate.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the physics of trust: 
    • How does it work 
    • How do we sense it
    • How do we know we’re making an impact.
  • Grow trust in your team.
    • The Team Trust Canvas – theory and ideas
    • Trust in Actions – how to generate assumptions and hypothesis
  • Take away simple and practical exercises and instruments to 
    • Raise awareness of trust
    • Make sense of trust
    • Facilitate trust discussing
    • Improve trust
    • How to measure trust” – let’s talk about “trust” metrics

What the Next Step?

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