Executives have different priorities and pressures than anyone else. Trust building targeted toward executive teamы needs to reflect those challenges and opportunities.

Our workshop for executive team is both formulaic and unique. The setup for each is the same with our A to B strategy and yet, each is tailored to each executive team and many times completely customized.

We offer executives the ability to experience their AUTHENTIC self. Our job is to ‘crack the protective shell’ executives build around themselves and help the leader interact in an authentic way. Through this process, a crucial foundation of trust is established and reinforced.

While we are using different exercises to elicit emotions from the executives, we are also connecting them through their shared core values. Through the authentic behavior the executives are able to fully examine and share core values, finding common ground they never knew existed amongst the group.

Through our workshop:
  • Trust is developed and deepened
  • Relationships are strengthened
  • Communication is improved
  • Clarity is gained
  • Executives are refocused and renewed.

Your executive team will learn:
  1. How to know each other as people, not just professionals.
  2. How to talk about values early and often, but don’t lecture from on high.
  3. How to recognize that teams are stronger when people bring diverse skills, experiences and viewpoints.
  4. How to provide ongoing and useful feedback so people never wonder where they stand with you or their co-workers.
  5. How to Work — and PLAY — well together. Let’s have fun!


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