Trust Tips Weekly Newsletter #1

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Trust Toolbox: Trust Anti-pattern Cards

Let’s start the new year with a new design of our tools. I would like to present updated set of our trust anti-pattern cards.

Over the course of several years, we asked the different teams we worked with what factors they thought would break trust. As a result, we collected and analyzed many responses and grouped them into a shorter list of 23 major factors that break trust in a team.

The cards became a handy tool to help frame discussions around existing or potential trust issues and find possible solutions.

The set of “Anti-patterns cards” is available in Russian. The English version will be available soon. 

Trust Dojo. Monthly Online Mastermind (February)

This is a monthly online mastermind that’s open to everybody who wants to work on uncovering the roots of what might hold teams and companies back from achieving the goals that matter. During each mastermind session, you’ll gain direct help from our experts and you’ll work with a group of up to 5 trusted leaders, giving you focused support, ideas and suggestions.