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Tuckman’s Team Development Model and the team trust canvas

Today I’m going to share with you my observation about application of the team trust canvas. Furthermore, I would say, I’m going to present several hypothesizes which are based on my experience.

Trust-spective: how to discuss trust with your teams

As an Agile Coach I get a lot of questions from project managers, team leaders and scrum masters how to start a conversation with an agile team about trust. It is not a secret, trust is a hard topic. In my point of view, the best place where we might discuss different tough topics with an agile team is the team retrospective.

A Trust Toolbox for Virtual Teams. You are invited to play!

To date we’ve conducted In Team We Trust Workshops with co-located teams in over a dozen cities around the world. According to our social media analytics, the Team Trust Toolbox (the Canvas, Cards, etc) is becoming very popular indeed.

Getting Started With the Team Trust Canvas. Team Forming

Real business cases and examples are the most important and awaited outcomes from any workshops. It is not a secret students expect examples from trainers and trainers encourage participants to share own patterns of success.