The Trust Dojo

The Trust Dojo

A dōjō is a place for immersive learning. Traditionally it takes place in the field of martial arts, but has been seen increasingly in other fields, such as meditation and software development.

What is the Trust Dojo?

I was inspired by the popular Coding Dojo. This is a meeting where a bunch of programmers get together to work on a programming challenge. They are have fun and try to solve different tasks (kata) in order to improve their skills.

The Trust dōjō is a virtual space where everybody might foster, learn and practice trust building techniques and tools. This is a great way to focus on self-trust, empathy and possibly utilise different ways of growing trust with the team. 

The Trust Dojo allows you to come in and practice online for 50-90 minutes with different experts from different parts of the world. We will use the Prelude Suite and other tools to organise our learning way.

Also, we are going to propose our set of trust challenges (trust katas). What would a trust kata look like for our participants? Probably it may be a list of challenges based on my own or our clients experience. 

All our participant may contact the organiser in advance and ask to practice a specific trust technique or tool. The facilitator/organiser will help you to start a session and support you to get new knowledge.

Learning Objectives

  • Practice of tools for developing trust in teams
  • Train yourself to improve your self-trust
  • Ask different kinds of questions to understand the real problem with team trust
  • Gain fresh insights into a problem you face at work


  • Every two weeks with predetermined themes.
  • On demand.

Who are the facilitators and experts?

We have a number of facilitators: Alexey Pikulev, Howard Esbin, Erik Schumb and and others.

 We will provide our session in English and Russian.

Want to find out more?

Sign up for updates on the Trust Dojo or join us on out meetup group.

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