Trust in Yourself

Trust in yourself is trust in your values, your feelings, perception, memory and skills. It is confidence in your own strength, your own significance, your conviction in your own perfection. Trust begins with you.

Do you trust yourself

Below are a few tips that can help you do this.

Take some time to think about yourself with empathy.
Ask yourself a question:

  • What are my beliefs about trusting myself?
  • In what situations have I been looking for answers and help from others?
  • When did I rely on my own opinion? What was going on at that moment?

Train yourself to make your own decisions. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake. Remember that progress is not perfect and that fear only exists in your head.

Try to use external help in the form of a mentor/coach. People near you often have their own beliefs based on fear. A neutral and independent expert might help you discover your needs and opportunities better.

Reflect on yourself. Notice when you are confident and trust yourself. Reward yourself. And then you’re more likely to repeat your own behavior.

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