New program! Building Trust Online

We are glad to introduce our new online version of 2-days workshop is designed to introduce learners to the main concepts and skills needed to build and grow trustful relationships.

Our new online workshop is designed for the company’s executive management, organisational development professionals, and team leaders.

This workshop consist of 5 modules which help  your team in improving their trust relationships and gaining a deep understanding of trustworthiness. They will learn which steps will be necessary to do in order to recover Trust.

The content is very practical. All lessons include trust-building tools for workplaces, for teams, for leaders and for organisation. We will consider how to apply the Trust Toolbox methodology, the set of practical tools to strengthen your team performance. You’ll be able to use those right away when you go back to work.

Who Should Attend

You will benefit from this course if you want to get better at

  • helping people,
  • providing space for people to grow,
  • leading people through change;
  • facilitate trust environment.

You may be a manager, coach, doctor, teacher – this course will help you help others better.

What You’ll Learn

You will master the our Trust Toolbox, a powerful model you can use for the your team and project. You will be able to shape the contents while we go. Specifically, you will:

  • Define the trust and value of teamwork
  • Understand which features influence the team trust
  • Align personal and team values
  • Understand how to recover trust
  • Improve your team performance by creating a trust culture
  • Hear examples of how other companies do it
  • Practice useful techniques, which you can immediately use in your organization.


  • Module 1. Awareness. Why we need trust in our organisation?
  • Module 2. Defining of trust. How we understand trust?
  • Module 3. Dynamics of Team Trust. What forces can help us to develop and grow trust?
  • Module 4. Trust in Action. Strategy and tactics for the development of Trust.
  • Module 5. Trust Recovering.


This workshop can be taken in online format:

  • Online: five 60-minute, interactive online sessions

How to register

Register for a workshop in one of the following ways:

  1. Join our new event
  2. Register for any of the public courses listed on the Upcoming Events page.
  3. Request a private workshop for your team. Email us about it right now

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