The Team Trust Canvas is available in Bulgarian

Hello all! We have a great news.  We would like to announce that the Team Trust Canvas is available in Bulgarian now. (Many thanks to Radosveta Giuleva). Enjoy!

Here you can find an pdf-version. How you might use the Team Trust Canvas? Below you can find one testimonial:

I indeed got a chance to use it within the team. The team really liked the clear overview and insights it created. We created a team DNA out of it, on which we visualized things that are important to our team.
Sanne van Tongelen

The Team Trust Canvas is available in the following languages:

  1. IN FRENCH Team Trust Canvas translated by Fabrice Aimetti (@fabriceaimetti)
  2. IN ENGLISH Team Trust Canvas by Alexey Pikulev
  3. IN SPANISH Team Trust Canvas (Canvas: Confianza Equipo) translated by Albert Valiente López (@avalientelopez)
  4. IN CATALAN Team Trust Canvas (Canvas: Confiança Equip) translated by Albert Valiente López (@avalientelopez)
  5. IN BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE Team Trust Canvas  translated by Leandro Pilatti
  6. IN GERMAN Team Trust Canvas  translated by Martin Brotzeller
  7. IN DUTCH Team Trust Canvas translated by  Ron Eringa and Stephan van Rooden
  8. IN POLISH Team Trust Canvas  translated by Kamil Sztandera
  9. IN RUSSIAN Team Trust Canvas
  10. IN BULGARIAN TeamTrust Canvas translated by Radosveta Giuleva

We invite volunteers to help us translate the Team Trust Canvas (and other tools from  Trust Toolbox). Please email to help us out or join us in our InTeamWeTrust Slack! We really appreciate any kind of feedback which can help us to improve a translations.

For any questions, reach out to the team.

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