Welcome to InTeamWeTrust Slack – our channels of trust

We would like to announce that we got started our InTeamWeTrust Slack. We are going to combine and explore the best features of this platform for discussing and growing trust. This is what you will get:

  • Questions and answers around Trust Toolbox;
  • Translation projects;
  • Quick announces of our events;
  • News according our facilitation program;
  • Sharing ideas and experiences.

If you have any examples and stories around team trust this is space where you might share it. If you want to become a trust facilitator you can ask you questions here how to apply  trust tools and games.

We invite you to join us in our InTeamWeTrust Slack.  You can get an invitation to join our free Slack. There is a web version, desktop version, and an app for each platform.

For any questions, reach out to the team.

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