We are looking for volunteers

We know that Trust is an essential part of each culture. Therefore we think it will be pretty good to spread the word about trust all over the world. We invite volunteers to help us translate the Team Trust Canvas (and other tools from  Trust Toolbox).

The Team Trust Canvas is available in the following languages:

  1. IN FRENCH Team Trust Canvas translated by Fabrice Aimetti (@fabriceaimetti)
  2. IN ENGLISH Team Trust Canvas by Alexey Pikulev
  3. IN SPANISH Team Trust Canvas (Canvas: Confianza Equipo) translated by Albert Valiente López (@avalientelopez)
  4. IN CATALAN Team Trust Canvas (Canvas: Confiança Equip) translated by Albert Valiente López (@avalientelopez)
  5. IN BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE Team Trust Canvas  translated by Leandro Pilatti
  6. IN GERMAN Team Trust Canvas  translated by Martin Brotzeller
  7. IN DUTCH Team Trust Canvas translated by  Ron Eringa and Stephan van Rooden
  8. IN POLISH Team Trust Canvas  translated by Kamil Sztandera
  9. IN RUSSIAN Team Trust Canvas
  10. IN BULGARIAN Team Trust Canvas by Radosveta Giuleva

Please email alexey.pikulev@agiletech.ru to help us out!  You can get an invitation to join our free Slack.  For any questions, reach out to the team.

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